Residential Rate

Pool only

Spa only

Pool & Spa

Once Weekly

$95.00 /month $85.00 /month $100.00 /month

Twice Weekly

$225.00 /month $175.00 /month $250.00 /month

Commercial Rate

Pool only

Spa only

Pool & Spa

Once Weekly

$120.00 /month $120.00 /month $240.00 /month

Twice Weekly

$240.00 /month $240.00 /month $480.00 /month

**New Customer Specials**

Once a Week, Residential Pool: starts at $95.00/month

*Note: all residential and Commercial accounts are to be supplied with chlorine tablets at owners expense liquid chlorine & acid is included with both residential and commercial at no charge to the customer.

Weekly pool service includes the following:

  • Wash the tile with soap
  • Net the surface
  • Vacuum the bottom
  • Brush the walls and net the surface again
  • Clean the skimmer basket and the pump basket
  • Add liquid chlorine and acid at no extra charge
  • Backwash the filter when necessary



Third month on us - FREE
Once a week service starts at $95.00 a month

Try us out, no strings attached!

How It Works


In the spring, conditioner is added at $5.00 per pound. Most pools take 10-15 pounds. During the winter, conditioner goes dormant. Pools without conditioner will not maintain their chlorine level a full week, so the pool turns green after a few days.

Salt System Policy:

Owner to supply salt for system or we will supply salt and add the cost to your monthly bill ($12.00 per 50 LB. bag).

Chlorine Tablet Policy:

All pools are to have chlorine tablets, all year round, to be paid by service customer. Your primary source of chlorine & acid will still be liquid chemicals. Chlorine tablets will help keep the readings ideal. Tablet consumption will be higher in summer & less in winter. Professional Pool & Spa can supply tablets for an added charge on your monthly service bill. Price is $89.00 for 25 lbs. (chlorine tablets not needed with all salt systems)


The filter is cleaned twice a year.

Service customers pay a charge of $95.00 per filter clean.

Remember that regular maintenance prolongs your equipment life.

Rain Policy:

During rain the pool man will add chemicals only. He will not be back later in the week.

Wind Policy:

We can only spend 30-45 minutes per pool per stop. After that, they must go on to the next service address. There is no extra charge.

Equipment and Surface:

We do not warranty your existing equipment or plaster. Plaster becomes rough or stained from leaves, pipe rust, overhead electrical wires, salt calcium, etc. Equipment breaks down due to normal wear under the stress of weather and use. We are not liable for any stains on pool deck, coping, furniture, and concrete or wood of any kind due to chemicals used by us. Stains can be caused by birds, trees, etc.

Holidays Observed:

Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and New Year's Day.


Billing is on the 1st of the month for the current months. Payment is due by the 20th of the month. A $10.00 late charge will be added to next month's billing if payment is not received on time. Feel free to call our office, if your pool has not been cleaned two days past your usual day. This allows for illness, injury and truck failure. Please call if you feel your pool is being missed.


Credit for missed service will NOT be given if we are not notified in time to check the pool and render service.

Service Call:

Additional and emergency calls will be billed at a flat rate $80.00 minimum.

If a pool party is planned for the weekend, please let us know in advance so we can leave extra chlorine to be added by the owner.

Either party may cancel service upon a 30 day written notice.


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